Projects by the Hanflig Technology Fellows


Minecraft Activity (2016)

Tech Fellows are encouraged to work on projects that they feel will most benefit tech integration at Thayer. Daniel Pink asks what drives us. Sir Ken Robinson asks us to inspire creativity in our students. This freedom of choice for Tech Fellows empowers them to be more imaginative and ground-breaking. Sam Rando elected to work on a project to further the integration of technology in the classroom, focusing on the gamification of learning. It can emphasize the student experience with instructor led courses by introducing a level of interactivity and practice. Through the use of software and different online media, teachers will be able to increase student interactivity, awareness and motivation. Rewarding challenging tasks create an extra fun learning environment.


”This year I researched the fascinating topic of gamification of education. What this means is using gamelike elements in the classroom to motivate and engage students. I developed my own blog to educate people about gamification and share what I've learned about its effects on students' learning. Every two weeks, I post an article about gamification, whether it be a review of a program or some information on how gamification can benefit both students and teachers. I've had a lot of fun with this project and I'm really enjoying being able to potentially introduce people to new ways of learning.”

- Sam Rando ’18, Tech Fellow