Projects by the Hanflig Technology Fellows

PC Build (2016)

Andrew was tasked with designing and building a state of the art high end virtual reality computer. The computer had to have a glass side panel so it can be used at Open Houses to demo how a computer works. Andrew learned how to research computer parts, build a budget for the project, assemble the machine and install the Windows 10 Operating System.  Andrew built the computer expeditiously and worked Open Houses demonstrating how it works for future Thayer students & their families. Currently the computer runs the Minecraft server for the MineCraft project and Andrew and other tech fellows are working on creating a virtual reality environment. The Computer project was very instructive, collaborative and reflective for Andrew. Andrew enjoyed showcasing the computer at Open Houses and developing his interpersonal communication.

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”I designed and built with Javier, the PC for the Virtual Reality, Minecraft and 3D printing projects and also as a showcase for student learning. Through this process I have learned more about teaching how computers work at Open Houses, gotten experience showcasing it to students, connecting with other kids’ interests and being able to answer their questions. This project has opened my eyes to the complexity of how a computer works as well as increasing my teaching skills and my own knowledge about computers.”

- Andrew Swift ’17, Tech Fellow