Projects by the Hanflig Technology Fellows


Minecraft Activity (2016)

Minecraft is about people, animals, trees and buildings. It looks like digital Lego’s. The Minecraft activity led by the Tech Fellows allows the young player’s imaginations to run wild creating worlds where anything is possible. Along the way our middle school students learn about computer coding, engineering, architecture and math. Minecraft has lots of was to create sophisticated machines. They have a material “redstone” which carries electrical current that can activate if/then scenarios within the buildings. Tech Fellows Javier James, ’16 and Andrew Swift ’17 built the Minecraft server and Nicholas Hanflig, ’16 and Matt Pereira, ’16 installed the Minecraft server software. The MS students can connect to the local Thayer Minecraft server when in the activity. The activity meets on Tuesday & Thursday’s G period in the Hanflig Tech Center.

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”We created the Minecraft activity to help middle school students build teamwork and communication skills. An unexpected bonus was that the activity helped bridge the gap between middle school students and upper school students, making the community feel even more close-knit.”

- Nicholas Hanflig ’16, Tech Fellow