MacBook 11" Laptop Airs at Thayer for Teaching and Learning

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Here's the vision: combine our school mission, our technology goals, and our teaching philosophies to rethink and reshape how we teach and how learn. Our mission is familiar: to inspire a diverse community of students to moral, intellectual, aesthetic, and physical excellence so that each may rise to honorable achievement and contribute to the common good. Our technology plan pushes us to embrace "ubiquitous access" so that learning is not necessarily limited by time or space or access. Together, mission and technology can help us better prepare Thayer students to become effective lifelong learners in a rapidly changing 21st century environment. will explore what's possible in terms of apps and content that will complement, supplement, and sometimes revolutionize the excellent work that already exists in Thayer's classrooms. Our fundamental hope is that iPads in the classroom will make learning even more engaging, interactive, collaborative, personalized, and dynamic.


We know that at least a small number of books currently part of our curriculum are available as eBooks. We'd like to explore how effectively eBooks can enhance the reading and learning experience through annotation tools and note-taking tools.


How iPads improve language classes

History and Social Sciences

Applications like Zite and Flipbook will help our history students take the pulse of current events in South Africa, China, and the Middle East as they study those various regions in World History.s


We know we can connect to Khan Academy and IXL to provide students with tutorials and exercises related to their work in math classes.


The amazing work Mr. Donovan and Mr. MacVarish have put into their electronic textbook will now be immediately accessible in and out of the classroom. Mr. Formato's freshman physics class using Vernier app.