About the Hanflig Technology Center

The Hanflig Technology Center opened September 2013

The Hanflig Technology Center, under the direction of the Academy's Director of Information Technology, will promote the advancement of technology in service of learning and teaching in two ways:

Faculty and Student Training

The Hanflig Technology Center (HTC) will serve the faculty and students by providing a demonstration, testing, and learning site for state of the art hardware and software applications appropriate to an educational setting.

Reflecting the dynamic, evolving world of technology, the Hanflig Technology Center's lab will be a wireless, mobile environment equipped with state of the art equipment that easily lends itself to change, and provides all participants with an avenue to contribute their ideas.

In concert with Academy's teachers and through the cultivation of on-going relationships with business, university and other outside organizations, the HTC staff will develop training workshops for both faculty and students that provide current knowledge of cutting-edge technologies in the area of education and foster collaboration among students and faculty. In general, these workshops will:

The Hanflig Technology Fellows

To encourage student interest, participation, and leadership in the area of technology, the Center will sponsor a Student Technology Fellow Program. Motivated students will apply to become a Fellow. These young men and women will be trained to provide support to their peers and faculty in dealing with a wide range of technology issues, most notably the integration of technology in the classroom. Technology Fellows will also work on assigned and independently crafted technology projects and will help maintain & support technology equipment. Where possible and appropriate, The Hanflig Technology Center will also facilitate technology internships and employment during the summer.

Meet the Technology Fellows